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Rachel Aver

Ecole La Découverte, Geneva

In the belief that future societies will need to be able to think beyond the existing system, Rachel works to create an education system which encourages individual and collective critical thought, liberates children to explore their passions and where the curriculum, rules and structure are created hand in hand with the children.

Throughout her teaching career, Rachel has used project based learning to enable children to become critical thinkers and create their own roadmap for their education. Initially working in inner-city Birmingham in the UK, Rachel was part of a team bringing project based learning into state Primary education.

Currently Rachel is educational director at La Découverte School in Geneva and has been part of a very small team who have opened a second campus dedicated to teaching through social-constructivist projects. The children make decisions about the direction of the school and all their projects start from the children’s point of interest. The projects are built through the children’s own questions and the content of these projects creates the unique curriculum for each class. The children are encouraged to collaborate and participate in building the society in which they wish to live.

Rachel is enthusisatic to be part of the Jacob’s network and to work with fellow international professionals who are passionate about educational development.

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