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Research. Understanding. Development. On the 34-acre campus of Jacobs University in Bremen, some 1,500 talented young people from over 120 countries are preparing to begin their careers. The only English-language private university in Germany, Jacobs University is known for its academic excellence as well as its practical ties to a modern, global world. With its international and intercultural orientation, Jacobs University focuses its academic programs and research on three areas: mobility, health and diversity.

Mobility: Through practical research, Jacobs University seeks a better understanding of the movements of people, goods and information in the global workplace.

Health: Through various projects and initiatives in cooperation with private industry, students are finding ways to promote a healthier world.

Diversity: Jacobs University is looking for interdisciplinary approaches to studying and understanding modern society in a global world.

Regularly listed among the top German universities in independent rankings, it has earned an international reputation since its founding in 2001.

With its investment of 200 million Euros in 2006, the Jacobs Foundation has demonstrated that private efforts can make a difference in promoting teaching and research. The Foundation attaches great importance to student-focused learning and study programs geared to the needs of the labor market while seeking to promote the personal development of talented young people throughout the world in an effort to encourage intercultural exchange. In 2020, the Jacobs Foundation supported the Jacobs University to become an independent and self-sustaining institution by transferring its shares to the City of Bremen at the end of the year.

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    • Only private English-language university in Germany
    • Founded 2001
    • 1,500 students from over 120 countries
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    Jacobs University educates young people of all continents to citizens of the world. Excellence, internationality, transdisciplinarity, diversity, leadership and values are the pillars of a Jacobs education.

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