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Carlotta Servente

Cooperativa Giuliano Accomazzi, Turin

Calotta graduated in Educazione professionale (social work) at the University of Turin, Italy and has been working in the educational field for about 20 years, dealing with early childhood services run by third sector organizations. Over the years she has dealt with the coordination of educational teams in centres for parents, in kindergartens, in childcare centres, in family centres, and in play areas in parts of the city’s metropolitan area which are particularly poor in resources and opportunities (gypsy camps, social housing complexes, neighborhoods with high immigration rates, etc.).

She has enriched her knowledge in the educational field by taking part in study trips in Paris and Berlin, experiences that have proven to be precious occasions for knowledge acquisition, reflection and personal development. In more recent times she has collaborated in the creation of innovative educational services dedicated to early childhood in the cities of Turin (projects supported by the Compagnia di San Paolo foundation of Turin), Ventimiglia, Pistoia, Vibo Valentia Marina, and Lecce (projects funded and supported by the Con i bambini fund). As we witness increasing economic and social inequality, she believes that the challenge of the coming years will be to keep investment in the first years of life stable and possibly growing, with the aim of containing and reducing these disparities as much as possible.

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