Jacobs Social Entrepreneur Fellowship

Today’s talented young people are the opinion leaders and decision makers of tomorrow. We want to introduce them early on to our areas of interest so that they can work with us to move forward in those areas in the future. Accordingly, the Jacobs Foundation provides support for young people in fields related to its thematic priorities.

With the social entrepreneurship program, the Foundation offers a range of support opportunities for young people in the social impact space such as MBA fellowships, loan forgiveness, or start-up funds in partnership with different schools in the US as well as in Europe. Fellows demonstrate a commitment to the Foundation’s thematic priorities and have an entrepreneurial vision for social impact. They either pursue an MBA focused on social entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, and social innovation or they are starting their own social venture, preferably in the field of early childhood development, education, or learning in either the US, Europe, or (West) Africa. While the expertise they acquire benefits the fellows themselves, it also plays an important role in the development and implementation of our programs in Europe and Africa.

Fellows first have to be accepted at a business school partnering with the Foundation before being eligible for the foundation’s social entrepreneurship program. Further eligibility criteria and information on the application process can be found on the partners’ websites.


Social Entrepreneurship Fellows

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