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Grazia Scrima

La Croquignole - Garderie UNIL-EPFL

Grazia completed her diploma in Early Childhood Education at Esede, Lausanne, Switzerland. She went on to work in this field and has been doing so for the past ten years.

Grazia is very passionate about the Pistoia and Reggio Emilia approach and is am currently pursuing a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Economics and Pedagogy of Early Childhood Education at Geneva University, where she is learning even more about this approach.
She has been leading the integration of the Pistoia and Reggio Emilia Approach together with the learningings of the CAS into the kindergarten where she is working. She leads on all pedagogical questions related to this approach while also coaching her colleagues in this style of education.

Her vision of education is to accompany the child in their experiences and experiments they undertake in day to day life. Nothing is imposed, it is as if the child is in their own life laboratory.

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