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Juvenir is a representative series of studies by the Jacobs Foundation that address topics affecting young people in Switzerland. What sets these four studies apart: Rather than talking about young people, Juvenir talks with them – and they are the ones who identify the topics that are important for them. In terms of methodology, the studies are based on the use of social media.


Juvenir 1.0
Use, not occupation – Swiss youth in public spaces

The main reason why Swiss youth use public spaces, aside from such practical advantages as the fact that they are easy to reach (89 percent) and do not involve substantial costs (93 percent), is that these spaces are freely accessible (91 percent). Only a minority consider public spaces an appropriate place for parties (23 percent) or for using alcohol or drugs (42 percent and 17 percent, respectively). Only one‐third of young people have personally experienced conflicts in public spaces. These are some of the key findings of the first Juvenir study, the Jacobs Foundation’s innovative and representative survey of Swiss youth.

Juvenir 2.0
The first big decision: How young people in Switzerland decide what (vocational) training to pursue.

Switzerland’s workers of tomorrow express a high level of satisfaction, and money is by no means their primary concern in choosing a career. This is one of the findings of the Jacobs Foundation’s second representative study of young people in Switzerland. The study looks at young people’s decisions about their training, and focuses particularly on those who opt for vocational training.

Juvenir 3.0
Is money an issue? The financial situation of young people in Switzerland.

They have enough: Over three-quarters (79 percent) of Swiss youth report that they have enough money; 46 percent say that they have more than they need. This is one of the findings of the Jacobs Foundation’s third representative study of young people in Switzerland. The study paints a picture of young people who are thrifty and plan their expenditures carefully. They regard certain goods and services as (too) expensive. At the same time, a large majority of these young people have little or no need to deny themselves whatever they want.

Juvenir 4.0
Too much stress – too much pressure!

Stress, pressure to perform, overtaxing – for roughly half of Swiss young people (46 percent) this is their everyday life. This is the conclusion reached by the fourth wave of the Juvenir survey, the Jacobs Foundation’s representative study of Swiss youth. According to the study, stress comes from schools, universities and training programs rather than from young people’s private lives, and girls are particularly affected.

Juvenir 4.0

Juvenir 3.0

Juvenir 2.0

Juvenir 1.0
Too much stress - too much pressure!
How Swiss youth cope with stress and pressure

Juvenir 4.0 Short version
Juvenir 4.0 Full version
Juvenir 4.0 Collection of tables

Is money an issue?
The financial situation of young people in Switzerland

Juvenir 3.0 Short version
Juvenir 3.0 Full version
Juvenir 3.0 Collection of tables
The first big decision - How young people in Switherland decide
what (vocational) training to pursue

Juvenir 2.0 Short version
Juvenir 2.0 Long version
Juvenir 2.0 Collection of tables
Use, not occupation -
Swiss youth in public spaces

Juvenir 1.0 Short version
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Trop de stress - trop de pression!

Juvenir IV version abregee
Juvenir IV oeuvres completes
Juvenir IV Collection tableaux

L'argent, un sujet sans importance? Les jeunes Suisse et leurs moyens financiers

Juvenir_III_collection tableaux

La première grande décision
Comment les jeunes Suisses choisissent une formation (profesionelle)

Notre place - Les jeunes dans l'espace public

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