2019 Research Prize

University of Geneva Professor Daphne Bavelier explores how individuals learn and adapt to changes in experience, whether induced by nature or by training. In the context of this work she found that playing action video games enhances several aspects of cognition. 

As we settle in the 21st century expectations are shifting as to what is expected of the way we educate children. Preparing for a hyperconnected world and the demands of an ever-shifting job market requires the ability to learn new skills on the go rather than using the same expertise throughout the life span. New technologies are often decried these days, but could they be leveraged as learning tools of the 21st century?

With the prize money Bavelier will leverage her research on action video games and brain plasticity to help consolidate a still fragmented field around the science of play. Play has been recognized as a critical behavior of central importance for child development.

“My drive is to reveal the neural mechanisms by which one can unlock greater brain plasticity, and thus learning.”

Prof. Daphne Bavelier



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