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ofi is a leading supplier of cocoa beans and cocoa ingredients (cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa liquor) and ranks amongst the top three processors worldwide. A leader in sustainable cocoa, its sustainability ambition, Cocoa Compass, sets challenging goals including achieving 100% traceable cocoa volumes from its global, direct origination supply chain in 2020. It sources from all major origins across Africa, Asia and South America, and has a cocoa processing, milling and refining presence in, or adjacent to, primary consumption markets in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Supplying to over 2,000 customers globally, ofi is a close collaborative partner in their innovation and product development programmes. Its portfolio of ingredient brands is led by deZaan, with its heritage of more than 100 years of excellence, as well as African origin brand Unicao, South American origin brand Joanes, the regional Macao and Husyman cocoa powder brands, BT Cocoa in Indonesia, and Britannia confectionery and speciality fats brand.

Child labor in the cocoa supply chain is unacceptable and were committed to eradicating it as part of Cocoa Compass, our sustainability ambition for the cocoa sector. The programs that we deliver with our customer and industry partners focus on tackling the social and economic root causes of this issue through action at the individual, community and national level. Along with the Jacobs Foundation, the government of the Côte dIvoire and others in our industry, we are pleased to participate in the Child Learning and Education Facility (CLEF). We appreciate that if we are to achieve our goal, school availability must be accompanied by access to quality education if children are to really thrive. We strongly believe this program will enhance the work of the industry to date and have a positive impact on the future of millions of children in Côte dIvoire as well as their wider cocoa community.”

Gerard A. Manley – CEO, ofi

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