Jacobs Foundation Conference

Every year since 1991, the Jacobs Foundation has held a conference at Marbach Castle on Lake Constance, attracting leading scientists and young scholars from all over the world. This conference has gained international recognition as a forum for discussing key issues of child and youth development. It is a venue for scientific exchange at the highest level, with a focus on an interdisciplinary approach. Its unique format offers young scholars the opportunity to spend two days in discussions with leaders in their fields, to benefit from feedback on planned projects, and to get to know one another in an informal setting.

2021 Jacobs Foundation Conference

Education solutions for a post-COVID world

As COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and education systems, we will run our 2021 Jacobs Foundation Conference in a virtual format. Partnering with MIT Solve, we organize the event around a Solveathon, which will support our core goal of enabling learning systems globally to provide children between the ages of 2-12 with equitable opportunities, so that they can reach their full learning potential and thrive. We want to encourage the co-creation of effective, cross-sectoral and scalable solutions to the challenge of learning in a post-COVID-19 world. We invite educators, academics, investors, technologists, funders, practitioners, and other parties interested to join us in this event. 

Please register here: https://www.jacobsconference.org

In the Solveathon, four challenges are run by challenge partners to develop education solutions for a post-COVID world:

MIT Solve – Equitable Classrooms
GSF – Scalable Innovations for Blended Learning
Schools 2030 – Showcasing 1000 Solutions for Quality Learning
GSL – Improving Learning Outcomes through Data

Jacobs Foundation Conference Program 2021

Recent conference topics have included the following:

  • 2019; 30th Anniversary Conference (Terrie Moffitt / Michael Frank)
  • 2018; Reconciling Genes and Contexts (Tom Boyce / Marla Sokolowski)
  • 2017: Education in Times of Increasing Cultural and Linguistic Heterogeneity (organized by Hanna Dumont, Johanna Fleckenstein, Dominique Rauch, Aileen Edele, Débora B. Maehler, Janna Teltemann)
  • 2016: Economizing Education Policy: Tradeoffs, Incentives, and Generalizing from Evidence (organized by Eric Hanushek/Ludger Woessmann)
  • 2015: Technologies for Research and Intervention with Children and Youth (organized by Carol Worthman/Mary Jane Rotheram Borus/Antonio Krüger)
  • 2014: Men as Fathers: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Fatherhood in the Context of the Family (organized by Liselotte Ahnert/ Michael E. Lamb)
  • 2013: Genetic Moderation of Intervention Effects (organized by Marinus von Ijzendoorn/Jay Belsky)
  • 2012: Sleep, Learning and Brain Development (organized by Ron Dahl/Oskar Jenni)



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